Update on the seven children funded through the ICT Relief Fund and the Rotary Club of Coventry. We continue to feature profiles of children on the project.

Chenai is now 18 years of age and is one of the bright students who has benefitted from the Chiedza out-of-school project. Before she came to Chiedza, she had dropped out of school after completing primary school because her mother was not able to afford the fees for secondary school. Chenai was then helped by Chiedza to access secondary education and in 2021 sat her final Form 4 examinations with the Zimbabwe Schools Examinations Council and passed in five GCSE level subjects, including Combined Science and Geography. She is currently studying ‘A’ levels in Family and Religious Studies (FRS), Sociology and History at George Stark High School and says “I am working hard to pass my exams with ‘A’ grades because I want to study social work at a university in the United States.”


Marbel is now 18 years old and says “My father is the breadwinner in our family and when he lost his job in 2022 and could not pay my school fees, I was on the verge of dropping out. I was about to sit my final GCSE examinations too, but fortunately, Chiedza contacted me and everything changed for the better. I started going to school again, sat my GCSEs and passed in eight subjects including Mathematics and Combined Science.” Marbel is now studying Family and Religious Studies, History and Sociology at Advanced Level. In the future, Marbel wants to pursue Law at university and become a lawyer. She is quoted as saying, “l want to put all my efforts into school work and be successful so that I can  help other vulnerable children.”