Currently there are twenty-eight children (fourteen boys and fourteen girls) studying at Saplings Preschool.  

In their classes, pupils are engaged in learning letters and words in Tamil and English. Drawing and painting materials are provided so that the children can draw and do craftwork and other activities that develop their creativity skills. Pupils also learn new songs and poems with a volunteer teacher, and perform them in their morning assemblies. Other indoor activities include solving puzzles and using building blocks. Outdoor games are supervised by their class teacher and these activities have made the children very happy after months of staying at home due to the many challenges they have faced during the pandemic and the economic downturn in Sri Lanka. Every Friday, the cleanliness and tidiness of the students is checked by their teacher.

The children are still supplied with nutritional snacks because families are facing many challenges in feeding their children.

At Christmas, via SERVE, the children were invited as guests to the Hilton Hotel in Colombo to switch on their Christmas tree lights. Transportation was provided by SERVE and the Hilton covered the cost of everything else. Pupils enjoyed this special day, which included eating delicious food, playing various games, dancing and watching a magician’s show. Every child was given a gift at the end of the party.