A total of 28 pupils are currently enrolled at Saplings preschool. Twelve pupils progressed to primary school from the last academic year and fourteen new pupils started at Saplings in July.

Preschools were closed up to the 26th of October due to COVID-19, so the Saplings teacher continued to visit pupils at home. The children were provided with workbooks, artbooks and appropriate educational items such as pencils and colour pencils. The teacher guided them individually during her home visits and all pupils were given protective face shields and masks in line with government health guidelines to ensure their safety. 

The pupils completed the activities with great enthusiasm and their parents reported that their children were delighted when the preschool teacher visited. 

The teacher also continued to monitor the progress of the pupils through phone calls. In addition, with the help of their parents, she later managed to organise the use of WhatsApp to enable families to send photographs of activities that had been completed by the children.

We were very happy when Saplings was finally allowed to reopen at the end of October 2021. Since then, educational activities have been carried out according to government health protocols such as keeping a safe distance and wearing face masks.