Since May of this year, SERVE has faced the difficulties of a third wave of Covid-19 in Sri Lanka and only essential services have been allowed to operate as per the Government’s regulations. The lockdown was due to be lifted on 14th June but was postponed.

During this period, teachers kept in regular contact by phone with the families of children enrolled at Saplings. They provided advice and support in order to give parents the best possible assistance and guidance as they were also finding it hard to feed their families without an income. In addition, these low-income families do not have computers or access to remote learning. The team at SERVE therefore sent out educational workbooks for children to complete with the guidance of their parents. On 21st June the travel restrictions were lifted so a teacher from Saplings visited the families and gave the children additional materials for them to work with such as colour pencils, workbooks, pencil cases, pencils, chalk and face masks.