There are currently 26 children (12 girls/14 boys) studying at Saplings Pre-School, Rathmalana. Pupils have been engaged in craft work using cutting and pasting techniques, bottle caps, matchsticks and cotton wool balls etc.

In May, they celebrated the Vesak festival which commemorates the birth, enlightenment, and the death of Gautama Buddha. The children worked in teams to make Vesak lanterns and cards.

So far in this new academic year, the children have been engaged in learning letters and numbers, drawing and colouring. They are also learning songs and poems in English, Sinhala and Tamil. For many lessons, the pupils use story books to encourage reading and discussion. In addition, they do building block activities to develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as well as playing games in the grounds of the school.

Staff at Saplings continue to follow all COVID-19 rules and regulations imposed by the Government.

Due to the economic crisis in the country, the parents of these children are facing many challenges and SERVE continues to assist them as and when possible through food relief. This article is based on the period from March 1st– June 7th as the situation is ongoing. In general, the children have managed to attend Saplings on a regular basis, although sometimes their parents are stuck in long queues to buy paraffin, oil, gas etc. and if the children are with them they are unable to get to school. It is also difficult to take buses and three wheelers due to the  shortage of petrol. 

*The situation in Sri Lanka is worsening as the unprecedented economic crisis is deepening. If you wish to help the children supported by SERVE, you can do so by calling or by writing directly to ICT.