On the occasion of the ‘World Day Against Child Labour’, we celebrated the day to further raise awareness and sensitivity about the rights of children because the potential for child labour is our greatest concern for the group we have targeted.

We organised the day at our SARTHI Education Centre in Bhawani Tola, Maner, Patna. 

During the session, children spoke up and expressed their desire to advance their personal development through education. They also wanted to live in a community free of child labour and be supported in this by their parents, teachers, the community and various stakeholders.

We at SARTHI are conscious of the fact that in rural communities, the majority of children are malnourished and underdeveloped in comparison to others of the same age. For that reason, we also decided to celebrate ‘World Health Day’ with a view to raising awareness about the health of children and the role that parents can play through becoming more aware of the importance of a healthy diet and the appropriate nutrition.

The event was organised at Bhawani Tola and all our targeted children and their parents participated. Ward member, Mr. Sitaram Singh, presented information to encourage everyone to be more acquainted with different types of nutritious, seasonal food rather than using more expensive ‘fast’ food. He also made links between healthy diets and the benefits for children in terms of their physical and mental development.

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