In July 2021 schools had to close again due to Covid-19 and the children were once more supported at home by their teacher and staff from SARTHI. Twenty children remain involved in the reintegration into education project in Bihar. The three main subjects that they have been studying are Hindi, English and Maths and since schools re-opened on October 1st their progress over the previous three months has been assessed through the use of comprehension exercises and quizzes. The children should be ready to move to the next academic level in January 2022.

On October 24th, a long awaited programme for the children turned into a reality when we combined our orientation programme with a special excursion for them over the weekend. They visited Patna to see the famous Golghar and the Srikrishna Science Centre. The children enjoyed the day a lot as well as the lunch that was provided.

Finally, in the late afternoon, the children also participated in a discussion with a Child Protection Officer and a social activist, who had both been invited to speak to them on the subject of ‘Children’s Rights and Education’. The children enjoyed participating in the discussion and then returned home safely.