Eleven students from the XIIth Std. returned to Boys Town in Gummidipoondi in April as their examinations were scheduled to begin from 3rd May 2021. Due to the spread of Covid-19, the Government of Tamil Nadu then further postponed the examinations and instructed staff to send all the boys back to their respective homes. Two days ago, the State Government announced the cancellation of the XIIth Std. examinations and said that these students will graduate from school based on criteria which are yet to be confirmed. We await news of  their progression to university or college. The XIth Std. examinations have also been cancelled and all eight students will progress to the XIIth Std.

Students in the VIIIth-Xth Stds. have been supported at home but their examinations were also cancelled. Nevertheless, all of them will progress to the next academic level.

In the academic year 2020-21, the total number of students enrolled was seventy three. New admissions for 2021-22 are expected to take place in two to three months but due to the pandemic, we have no confirmation as yet of numbers and exact dates. In the meantime staff are planning additional skills development initiatives, extra-curricular activities and online tuition for students in the Xth to XIIth Stds.