Since schools were closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic in March, all boys have been staying at their respective homes. The team has been able to remain in contact with them by phone on a fortnightly basis and everyone remains in good health. During this time, books from the school have also been couriered to students to allow them to continue studying. As and when the Government of Tamil Nadu gives permission for schools to reopen, students will be readmitted to Boys Town.

It is expected that in the first instance, schools might reopen for the XIth and XIIth Standards which will involve twenty six students for the academic year 2020-21 at Boys Town. The remaining students will have a phased return as per Government rules.

Students from the IXth and Xth Standards are also under tremendous pressure to cover the academic syllabus and they will be the next group to return as they too need a significant amount of guidance and support. In the meantime, students in all four groups are expected to receive a tablet with sim card and wifi to enable them to attend online classes and tutorials from their respective homes. This initiative was launched by our partner and will target 40 students.