One of the initiatives developed this year by Keoogo concerns the capacity building of the village team in the psychotherapeutic management of the young mothers in  the 16-22 age group, who live in the Beoogo-Tienbo village. The team has been working with a therapist to learn more about trauma management, good parenting and art therapy. This training is supporting them in their work to enable the mothers to build on their maternal skills in order to better care for their children. Art therapy is being used as a way of helping them to express their feelings.

In addition, eleven young mothers living in the village have had access to vocational training in different fields: three pharmacy assistants, two community health assistants and six early childhood education instructors. This training was implemented in collaboration with three private vocational training institutes; ‘Institut Privé de Formation Wend-Lamita’ offers six month pharmacy assistants courses and two year community health assistants courses and ‘Institut Privé de Formation La Plume’ offers six month pharmacy assistants courses. The partnership between Keoogo and the third training group, ‘Centre de Formation Professionnel Source de Vie’, has permitted the opening of a training course for early childhood education instructors within the Beoogo-Tienbo Village since October 2020.

Rosa (19 years of age) –  a story of successful reintegration

Rosa became pregnant several years ago and as a result was rejected by her family. She then dropped out of school because she was left with no one to support her or pay for her education. It was at this time that a trained female community worker from Keoogo met Rosa and after hearing her story, offered her a place in the Beoogo-Tienbo village.

After Rosa gave birth, Keoogo undertook mediation with her family which led to the legal recognition of a birth certificate being issued for her baby. This was an important step in moving towards a reunion between Rosa and her family. Their relationship was later fully restored and her mother helped to care for her grandchild while Rosa trained to become a community health assistant. Her parents are very proud of her.

With the support of Keoogo and the Beoogo-Tienbo village, Rosa received a second chance –  “I always dreamed of working in a hospital and wearing a uniform and today I wear it with pride.” Rosa is the first girl to have graduated from her training course and to leave the village.