The reception and training village for young mothers in Keoogo enrolled thirty six girls for training. Thirty one of these girls have now been reintegrated into their families and five will do so in December. Fourteen new girls were enrolled between September and October and five more will do so in December. 

The introduction of poultry farming and market gardening in the village have made it possible to have more eggs, meat and vegetables to improve the diet of the mothers and their children. In  following up the six girls who were given baking kits to use at home, we have noted that the baking course has served as a reintegration tool for them as most of them are now able to live from their activities and are more fulfilled. It is also gratifying to see that other girls have managed to acquire locally made ovens with the income from their baking activities. Thanks to these new ovens, their earnings have improved and the majority of these young mothers are able to meet their needs and those of their children.

A new baking course will start again very soon. The theoretical part will be taught by the original trainer, but the practical phase will be taught by girls who have already set up their own businesses and are doing well.

In order to continue to train new girls in market gardening and poultry farming, a young mother who has already completed the training was recruited on behalf of the village. She is now in charge of these two activities and is responsible for training all the new girls.