In March, as part of the special measures introduced to reduce the spread of Covid-19, the Government of Burkina Faso issued a temporary law that restricted public freedom. These restrictions hindered the continuity of several of Keoogo’s activities and in order to overcome these barriers the team drew up a plan to adapt to the new regulations. Prevention measures have been implemented for the children and young mothers living in the village that include the use of hand wash, gel and soap and the wearing of masks for all visitors. Other measures have resulted in the reorganisation of work via staff rotas, a new teleworking system, modification of working hours and the provision of additional water points.

Before the reopening of the ‘Beoogo Tienbo’ nursery school in October, the school was equipped with protective equipment. Furthermore, all parents were briefed on the health measures to follow to ensure the safety of their children if a child or family member falls ill,  as well as maintaining social distancing when dropping off and picking up children from the school.