Following on from the success of this project in three schools in Puebla, we are planning to work with 12 teachers in four nursery schools and 48 teachers in four primary schools this year. This could involve 144 nursery aged children, 1,200 primary aged children and approx. 256 caregivers.

After a number of COVID-19 lockdowns, the objective continues to be to reduce the potential for violence in schools by promoting the development of safer classroom environments in order to strengthen attendance and reduce the possibility of children dropping out. Through a series of workshops, training and guidance will be provided for both teachers and caregivers that will focus on nurturing the healthy development of the girls and boys in their care.

For teachers, innovative training activities will aim to develop and strengthen their skills so that the potential for disruptive behaviour in their lessons is reduced. Furthermore, they will be given specific guidance on identifying and supporting the most vulnerable children in their classes. Workshops for caregivers will include topics such as child development and positive parenting.