Thanks to the vaccination programme, the team has been able to resume their work in the communities of Socio Vivienda 2 and San Francisco. The recent riots in a prison in Guayaquil have occurred close to where we operate and this has increased concern for the safety of staff. Nevertheless, we have been conscious not to reduce our work with the most vulnerable group in our society – the children.

During this semester, JUCONI educators have been working tirelessly. The usual interventions have taken place in the mornings so that time can be spent with the children and their caregivers in order to analyse how family life has improved and what other strategies could be applied. 

In addition, the team includes a number of weekly activities which aim to strengthen the bonds between caregivers and children to help them to overcome  negative experiences from the past. They include baking biscuits, making candles, going on recreational trips and celebrating birthdays.

In the afternoons, JUCONI educators have focused on community workshops for caregivers, teachers and children that are also based on the prevention process. Topics include, children’s rights, staying safe, drug prevention and building positive social skills. In their meetings, both caregivers and teachers are encouraged to learn to teach with discipline but also with kindness.

This year, about 40 families have continued to receive psychotherapeutic intervention and more than 150 caregivers and teachers have attended the workshops in community prevention.