During the Covid-19 pandemic, the team at JUCONI Ecuador has been able to stay in contact with the children and families on their psychosocial programme. In order to continue to give emotional support and monitor progress, communication has been maintained via the telephone, online or in person. When they visit families, JUCONI workers always wear PPE and also take masks and antiseptic gel for the families. The contents of the monthly food baskets for families have increased to include tinned tuna, oil, milk, masks and antiseptic hand wash. 

In March 2021 there was another lockdown that was lifted in June. Currently the organisation is doing all it can to get the team vaccinated. 

The community safe space continues to be used for meetings and workshops with both children and/or parents. The team is now working with smaller groups of children but has increased the number of sessions that they hold each week. This community safe space was built by JUCONI staff and continues to have the support of local people, the children and their families, who have organised themselves so it is kept clean and is not vandalised. 

In May 2021, JUCONI’s family psychosocial programme restarted with twenty new families and their children becoming part of the ‘family visits’ process.