During January 2022, the new strain of COVID-19, Omicron, meant that most of the population in Guayaquil became infected, including some of the team at JUCONI Ecuador. As a result, we were forced to do our work online but managed to carry out the usual psychosocial interventions for the families that we work with.

In February, once the infection curve had decreased, the team were able to return to their normal activities with the children and their families. When the community workshops reopened, it was a real pleasure to welcome back a large number of children and caregivers to the community spaces.

During these sessions, we used specific workshops to continue to discuss the prevention of violence in families, the community and schools. This year, it has been gratifying to receive many more caregivers to our community workshops in addition to those who we are already working with. 

The new participants have responded well to the sessions and have become more optimistic about the fact that they can offer their own children a present and future free of violence. This year, thirty one ICT sponsored children graduated from the programme and new children and their families have been enrolled.