We are happy to report that several boys and girls who are part of our family psychotherapeutic intervention programme have now completed their primary education. It was a great pleasure to accompany them to their graduation ceremony because we believe that it is important to show unconditional support for these children’s achievements by praising their academic progress and encouraging them to remain in the education system. Furthermore, a number of families have achieved more stable home environments through the programme and are being advised to carry on attending our community spaces. At the same time, new families are joining JUCONI.

Our community workshops to prevent violence continue to take place on a daily basis in the Socio Vivienda II and San Francisco districts. The children really enjoy participating in these spaces, as do their caregivers. In comparison to last year, we are pleased to have enrolled more caregivers into our workshops. They are all committed to bettering  themselves in order to become positive role models in their homes  with their families, as well as within their communities.

During these workshops, both adults and children perform different dynamic activities that facilitate a better understanding of the topics that are being taught within the framework of children’s rights.  

The security crisis in Ecuador has continued, but children need to attend school. Consequently, we have developed a plan to promote safer school environments in certain schools in Guayaquil because they are in high-risk areas where organised crime takes place. To achieve our objectives for the academic year 2023-24, we are working closely with the Northwest Network and other social organisations as well as local and national government groups as part of a political advocacy initiative.