Below is a story about a girl who progressed from our out-of-school programme and is currently training in ‘Early Childhood Development Education’.

Talent is a 20 year old girl whose parents separated when she was still an infant. Growing up, she lived mostly with her maternal grandmother because her mother survived on informal trading and was rarely able to take care of her daughter. Talent dropped out of school after completing her primary education. When she was identified by a community volunteer as being out of school she started accessing education at Chiedza out-of-school programme. She remained supported until she sat her GCSE examinations in 2020 and passed in four subjects. When Talent’s mother became ill and bedridden, Talent was the only person available to care for her so she could not take up the offer of retaking some GCSE subjects in order to proceed to ‘A’ level courses. More recently, Talent opted for vocational training and is currently enrolled at the Rafiki Girls Training Centre and following an early childhood development training course. Talent very much appreciates all the support and mentorship she has received and continues to receive from Chiedza Child Care Centre, as it has helped her to become the person she is today. 

She is quoted below.

“I want to thank all the Chiedza staff for the loving care that they extend to us children. If it was not for Chiedza I don’t know where I would be today. Most of my friends dropped out of school due to early marriage and pregnancies but the counselling we have had has helped to shape my life choices. I am grateful for all the support and I can foresee a brighter future for myself and my grandmother.”

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