A huge thank you to the sixth formers of King Henry VIII School in Coventry for their warm-hearted donation.

Milla and Daya presented our CEO, Wahiba Kiared, with an unexpected gift during a lunch hosted by the Rotary Club of Coventry. They both explained how with their fellow students they came together and organised an especially successful bake sale. In just one day these young people have raised an impressive £1,400. Thanks to their generosity £700 of the money raised has been donated to ICT to support the education of orphaned children living in Harare, Zimbabwe.

We love hearing about what young people do to support causes that matter to them. Milla and Daya’s initiative was inspired and praised by their assistant head of sixth form and cooking teacher Anna Heathcote. Fundraising is a great opportunity to get creative and do good but also to develop social awareness and emotional skills. Thank you Anna, Milla and Daya for your gift. This will go a long way to support the out-of-school programme in Zimbabwe.

You can join King Henry VIII School today and start raising money for children living in the most challenging environments in the world. Please get in contact if you need resources or if you want to know how your donation can make a difference.