The workshops run by JUCONI Mexico ended in May 2021 and the team is in the process of analysing and reflecting on the experience in order to provide constructive feedback and maintain continuity for the further training and support of those who attended.

During the online Zoom sessions, teachers and managers from three schools shared their concerns about the emotional and psychological needs of students on their return to school when the current lockdown ends. They also recognised the importance of their own physical, moral and social needs as relevant to their roles as empathetic adults on their return to  a ‘new normal’ environment at school. Furthermore, they recognised their important role in the holistic care of the children with whom they work. 

The feedback from the workshops reflected a positive attitude on the part of the teachers and managers to strengthen their professional development and the need for a whole-school approach to continuous training. Those who participated expressed a desire to reduce the potential for violence in the classroom and to work together to establish the development of ‘safe school environments’ for the benefit of all students. At the same time, they mentioned the need to continue to be supported by JUCONI in their endeavours.

In the future, the team at JUCONI is planning to monitor these three schools through the delivery of workshops on a range of topics such as; managing emotions; strategies for coping with complex situations; student participation etc. The workshops are designed to be carried out with the cooperation of teachers, managers, parents and students, so that the approach is systematic and has a greater possibility of having a positive impact on the population served by the schools.

“These workshops should be offered to all schools because they provide teachers with tools that you can use in your professional and personal life.” J Vasconcelos. Teacher.

“I integrated easily into the online group and appreciated your guidance because who knows how the children will behave on their return to school?” J C Bonilla. Teacher.