We all know how much children enjoy playing.  When that play involves water, mud, swings and tyres, suddenly that play becomes more fun!  Tough Mudder can only be described as a big playground for adults – except that the results are probably wetter, muddier and more like torture at times!  In May, we had two volunteers running around the 12 mile Tough Mudder course near Kettering raising money for the ICT.  Richard and Jack were subjected to the Funky Monkeys, Arctic Enema, Cry Baby and Skidmark… to name but a few!

The aim of the game is not to get around the course in a quick time.  It is simply to survive!  Many runners find the obstacles a struggle but both Richard and Jack did the ICT proud by completing all 15 of them – and in some style!

For Alison and Dave watching from the side, it was hard to pick out a favourite moment.  There was the passion shown at the beginning as all runners in their clean clothes pledged their allegiance to the Tough Mudder.  There was the moment when Richard was too good running over floats across the river that he splashed into the water instead of crashing into Jack in front of him.  There was the heart-stopping moment that Jack fell off the rings on to his back, only to get straight back up in determination to complete the last of the obstacles. There was inevitably the proud moment when they crossed the finish line!

Both boys did an incredible job that we hope will inspire others to do the Tough Mudder in 2016.  Raising £938.75, Richard’s fundraising achievements matched his athletic achievements on the day!  Thanks to them both for an incredible effort!