In September the Rotary Club of Hull Kingston accepted the invitation from our CEO, Wahiba Kiared, to present the work of ICT at one of their ‘Speaker Nights’. We had a very enjoyable evening and members were very responsive and interested to hear about our work. The sponsorship of this Rotary Club continues to make a great contribution to the lives of three children in Ecuador and in the very near future the club is also hosting a wine tasting evening in order to raise more funds for these children. We are extremely grateful to all the members for their support and enthusiasm.

The JUCONI Ecuador sponsorship programme in Guayaquil gives children a chance to go to school and equips them with the necessary tools to shape their own future. 

By becoming a sponsor today, you will see how your contribution could go a long way to help unlock opportunities for the most educationally disadvantaged children. Get in contact with us to get more information about child sponsorship.

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