SERVE is a Sri Lankan non-profit organisation working for the empowerment of the disadvantaged, especially children. SERVE has been in partnership with ICT for more than ten years. The project continues to support and empower children from poor, marginalised communities living in shanty towns and low-income housing schemes. 

At our children’s community centres we help children to complete their education successfully through bursarial support. In addition, our social workers also provide these children with guidance and counselling for the day to day psychosocial problems/abuse they may face at home, in the community and at school. We have also educated our community facilitators to create awareness among mothers about safeguarding their children from all forms of abuse, including sexual abuse. Two hundred families have taken part in this project so far.

In May 2019 our community eye care centre was opened in Moratuwa and can be accessed on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 9am – 4pm by the public. The project aims to help 500 children to receive free eye tests and spectacles in the coming year.