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The children we work with need the opportunity to escape the cycle of poverty that their families and community have found themselves in. But poverty is complex and the root causes are varied. Children are particularly vulnerable to the worst aspects of poverty, including mental, physical and sexual abuse. Faced with this reality, many of these children will end up living or working on the streets.

Working with 13 local partners in 9 countries, the International Children’s Trust is working to change this reality. Our projects recognise that solutions are unique to every child, family and community. Our network of partners on the ground provides a strong understanding of local needs and our projects are able to adapt to these realities.

Our children are incredible young people with talent and strength. Poverty should not be allowed to prevent these children from becoming extraordinary young adults. There is no quick fix and we cannot guarantee a long-term solution, but by tackling the root causes of poverty, we are improving the child’s physical health, emotional well-being, employability and support structures. We are working to change their world.

Our Projects

Here are the projects we are currently involved with around the world.


Our groundbreaking project aims to improve and sustain access to education for street and otherwise vulnerable children living in the barrios of Guayaquil.

This intensive programme is designed to create safe and secure environments for children at home and in their neighbourhoods, so they can benefit fully from their education and move towards being independent in adulthood.

Partner: JUCONI Ecuador



Our innovative project provides services to street-involved children and their families in Puebla, based on a unique holistic methodology. Therapeutic services are combined with education and, where necessary, shelter and nutrition for children and their families.

Emphasis is placed on strengthening family relationships to tackle the violence and abuse that is common within these communities.

Partner: JUCONI Mexico


South Africa

We work in Uitsig and Beaufort West in the Western Cape with children growing up in poverty surrounded by gang violence and abuse.

Informal schools in shipping containers provide young children with the ability to enter mainstream schools and continued support through after-school clubs. As well as focusing on the short term nutritional, educational and welfare needs, work is undertaken with the family and community to provide the children with long-term support, care and protection.

Partner: New Life Community Projects



Our project aims to reduce violence in schools and homes, and to increase the number of children enrolling, attending and producing strong academic performance at school. We also strengthen the long-term development of all children within the community.

Within these schools, we look at the long term needs of the children including income-generating projects and the provision of fresh, clean water.

Partner: Youth Alive



Our project aims to increase the level and security of household income for 1,800 vulnerable households by developing small groups of families to work, save and generate income together.

The income is used to provide the children within each family with the fees required to attend school.

Partner: Chiedza Child Care Centre


Burkina Faso

With a focus on street children in Ouagadougou, we are building support to provide medical care, psychosocial services, family rehabilitation, informal schooling and reintegration into school.

These services allow children to move away from the risks they face on the streets and the project looks to improve the effectiveness of local institutions in dealing with street children.

Partner: Keoogo



Children who live and/or work on the streets are often victimised, stigmatised and vulnerable to physical and sexual assault.

We build relationships with street children in Harare to offer material and psychological support. Longer term interventions are then developed to provide the stability, care and education that every child deserves.

Partner: CWPS



Our project strengthens four centres providing basic education to child workers in the urban slums of north Chittagong.

The centres provide children who have received no education with skills in Bangla, English and maths, as well as vocational training courses in tailoring, embroidery, motor mechanics and hair styling.

Partner: BISAP


India: Gummidipoondi

Our project provides education to boys from severely deprived homes in Chennai. Children in the sponsorship programme are educated and clothed, with particular emphasis placed on their health and well-being.

As well as focusing on academic subjects, boys are provided with vocational training and life skills.

Partner: Rotary Club of Madras


India: Chennai

Our project works with youth in Chennai to create awareness of HIV and develop an understanding of sexual and reproductive health to prevent exposure and vulnerability to sexually-abusive situations and unprotected sex.

Awareness is also created within the community by involving schools, parents and other youths to create community-based champions to monitor and address the abuse found.

Partner: Arunodhaya


India: Patna

Our project aims to reintegrate vulnerable street children back into their families (or alternative living arrangements, when appropriate) and education.

Liaising with the government-operated homes, children are encouraged to return to full-time education or appropriate training. Relationships are developed with families and children are assisted at every stage to return and re-integrate with their communities.

Partner: SARTHI


Sri Lanka

We support children in the poorest areas of Sri Lanka through community centres offering educational courses, improving the emotional well-being of children with guidance, counselling and children’s clubs as well as developing the family structure with family meetings and sensitisation projects.

Individual children are sponsored to ensure their continued attendance at school and improve their health and well-being.

Partner: SERVE


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The main impact of our work is the behaviour change of children because of better mother-child communication, mother-child attachment and promoting positive family dynamics.

Gerrie Smit - Local partner in South Africa, New Life

In Uitsig, the main challenge is definitely the gang violence. It impacts the entire community, not just part of it. The parents are scared to bring their children out. The children are not allowed to play on the streets anymore because it is not safe. That’s where New Life provides a safe haven for them, because at least within the boundaries of our containers they feel that they belong and that they can be a child again, at least for those few minutes.

Kelly Mostert - Local partner in South Africa, New Life

Unemployment is a huge problem because people must survive and they have survival priorities at the cost of everything. Even the children.

Gerrie Smit - Local partner in South Africa, New Life

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