It is with a great deal of sadness that we learnt of the passing of Alison Lane on the 11th July.  Alison was the director of our partner organisation JUCONI in Mexico.  JUCONI have been dedicated to rehabilitating street and working children in Puebla and Alison was instrumental in pioneering the techniques established there by Gabriel and Sarah Thomas De Benitez. Having led JUCONI for 25 years, she will always be remembered for her strength in championing the rights of vulnerable children.

Alison’s sudden death shocked many people who had known or met her over the last 25 years.  Having previously been awarded an OBE for her work, her death as a result of a spider bite generated attention in the national press back here in the UK.

While her death was sudden and untimely, her family, friends, and colleagues had the opportunity to also celebrate her life on the 20th August at a memorial service held in Puebla (where she had worked and lived for many years).  While we were unable to attend the memorial service, we were given a chance to send a video message on behalf of all at the ICT.  It is special to think of how many people throughout the world that Alison Lane was able to touch with her work.

Please keep Alison’s children and family and, of course, the staff and trustees of JUCONI in your thoughts over the coming months.