The current situation in Mexico is complicated by the number of infections and deaths from COVID-19; and in Puebla the situation is no different. Due to the lockdown in March, contingency plans in relation to the delivery of health services were activated, and the JUCONI team continued to offer one to one medical appointments to the children and young people on the programme, in the newly refurbished health clinic. Information about how to stay healthy was promoted and medical problems were followed up on a monthly basis with the children and young residents; plus more than fifty extra appointments were offered to residents and families. Personal Protective Equipment was also provided to children, young people and health workers. However, since May, due to an increase in infections in Puebla, all medical follow-ups with families on the programme have had to be carried out remotely, either by phone or video calls.  

During this period, we have also run health campaigns and given talks for all those served by the programme. The topics covered have included Covid-19 and Personal Hygiene.