We do not have control over everything that happens.  That certainly seems true with our partners Youth Alive in Ghana.  One of the schools that they work with through our DFID-funded project is Balobia Special School.  Through the support of the Ashworth Trust, the school were able to build a chicken coup to purchase and raise guinea fowl and chickens. The initial purchase of 150 guinea fowl and 150 chickens was providing some excellent nutrition for the children in the school and was part of a programme to encourage their understanding about animal welfare and farming.

Sadly at the beginning of September, we heard that all of the chickens and guinea fowl have died after an outbreak of bird flu that has devastated Ghana.  Families and groups rearing birds is a common enterprise in many African countries, providing a much needed income and as an important source of food.  With bird flu so prevalent in Ghana at the moment, the government have launched a compensation – sadly only for the regions in the south.  With Balobia Special School in the north, it is not eligible for government compensation and so it will take time and, sadly, money to replace the chickens and guinea fowl.