This year Covid-19 has continued to cause major disruption to education. In Africa, Asia and Latin America, our priority has been to provide food assistance to families most affected by the pandemic and to ensure continuity of learning during school closures.

We are grateful to our supporters for the donations received to support our work during the pandemic. Every gift of any amount will continue to help children during this challenging time. So please ‘Give Now’

Wishing you all the very best for the festive season and 2022!

First Prize Award

Thank you to the International Committee at the Heart of England Rotary District for the invitation and warm welcome. We felt privileged to be able to give a presentation about how together with the Chiedza Child Care Centre in Zimbabwe, we helped 1,800 families to build a sustainable business so that parents could afford to send their children to school. The project, which helped to send 2,645 children back to school, received an A+ score from UKAid and the First Prize Award from the Heart of England Rotary District International Award. 

Well done team Chiedza for all the hard work and effort put into this work!

ICT creates real and lasting change in a child’s life by tackling the root causes of child poverty. We focus on vulnerable children living in poverty, facing abuse, violence and discrimination. We tackle the physical, educational and emotional barriers to a child’s development and create strong family and community support structures. We want a world where no child has to live or work on the streets.


How We Work

We develop projects with local partners that tackle the root causes of child poverty in their community. While local partners understand the community needs, they often lack the capacity to provide their innovative solutions. We strengthen the capacity of our partners by pursuing funding opportunities and ensuring they are able to effectively and efficiently use those funds. We have built a network of local partners around the world who are able to share their experience and learn from each other and their solutions. We come together with a vision of a better world for our children.

We believe every child should have a safe and secure place to call home


We have been working with children around the world since 1967

We develop long-term local partnerships building trust and long-lasting solutions


Why Support ICT?

ICT works with grassroots and community-led organisations in Africa, Asia and Latin America. We receive more requests from overseas organisations than we can support. These organisations apply for a partnership with us so that they can access funding and programme expertise, develop new skills, make strategic connections and give international visibility to their causes.

ICT ensures that those living in vulnerable situations have access to the most basic needs such as health, sanitation, education and to child protection systems. We encounter many challenges when supporting the world’s most disadvantaged children. Nevertheless, the data and stories we collect help us to understand these challenges and reduce their impact, to share and disseminate learning and to bring positive change.

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